Colored Bumper Plates


*orders will ship December 12th*

Consistent with other products in our ELITE lineup, the ELITE Color Bumper Plates sets the industry standard for bumper plates. 

Our zinc coated inserts prevent corrosion and adhere better to the rubber plate than the stainless steel inserts commonly used in other bumpers.  We mold the center insert to the rubber outer during the manufacturing process rather than pressing the insert into the plate after production, keeping the full strength of the plate intact.  The insert is designed similar to an anchor and prevents the inner ring from  breaking away from the rubber plate, adding life to every Kiloflex bumper plate. 

The ELITE Blue 45lb and 55lb plates have been designed to have a thinner width, allowing the athlete to load the bar with more weight.  Each plate is standard 450mm diameter.

Product measurements:

  • 25lb Green 46mm/1.81 inches width
  • 35lb Yellow 60mm/2.36 inches width
  • 45lb Blue 72mm/2.83 inches width
  • 55lb Red 80mm/3.15 inches width

Diameter 450mm

Weight Tolerance +/-1.5%


  • 25, 35, 45, 55lb Plates -88