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Behind The Bell

  • Constructed from a single piece of cast iron ore
  • Powder coating grips chalk easily
  • Each kettlebell is hand inspected
  • Stamped in both kilograms and pounds
  • Color coating bands make it easy to identify the weight
  • Size ranges from 9lb/4kg-97lb/44kg


Kiloflex starts with top grade iron ore to cast each kettlebell before adding a resistant powder coating that will last for years. Each kettlebell is hand inspected for quality and weight tolerance. A color band is added during the final step of construction that allows for easy identification of weight.


Size Guide

Kilograms/Pounds Handle Diameter Band Color
4kg/9lb 29mm Lime Green
6kg/13lb 30mm Mint Green
8kg/18lb 34mm Pink
10kg/22lb 32.5mm Dodger Blue
12kg/26lb 37mm Navy Blue
14kg/31lb 37mm Brown
16kg/35lb 38mm Yellow
18kg/40lb 39mm Violet
20kg/44lb 39mm Purple
22kg/48.5lb 41.5mm Light Green
24kg/53lb 39mm Forest Green
28kg/62lb 40mm Orange
32kg/70lb 41.5mm Red
36kg/80lb 40mm Gray
40kg/88lb 41mm White
44kg/97lb 41mm Silver

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