About Us

What is in a name?  What is Kiloflex? Well let us tell you...

Like many great companies we hope that the name Kiloflex will soon become synonymous with innovation and quality products at a fair costs.  We have travelled the world in search of engineers who can design and construct fitness equipment that will serve every athlete regardless of their ability level or the fitness venue they perform in.  Our dream is for every athlete to experience a competition setting like the CrossFit Games or Olympics every time they step into the gym.

When you break down Kiloflex you find the roots of our company.   Kilo being short for kilogram, the universally accepted measure of competition quality of fitness products.  "Flex" is rooted in our desire to be flexible to the specific needs of every athlete while delivering products that perform and are affordable.

We are proud to be based in Portland, Oregon and offer a wide range of products including barbells, kettlebells, bumper plates, dumbbells, medicine balls, plyometric boxes, and much more.  Whatever your fitness goals, we are here to support you.  You inspire us each  day with your pursuit of fitness and health.  

Remember, failure is not an option.  You can achieve anything you aspire towards. We only hope that you will give us the opportunity to play a small role in the pursuit of your fitness goals.