Power Rack - PR2500

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Our most customizable power rack.  This rack can be built to your specifications by adding any and all of the different attachment options such as a cable machine, extra storage and many others. 

The Kiloflex PR 2500 3x3 power rack is built with the highest quality steel and welded with craftsmanship to produce a strong product.  The base design allows for a flat foot or bolt down option- the flat foot option protects your flooring for those who cannot bolt to the ground.  The J hooks have been carefully designed to be reinforced providing a strong support when weight is loaded. 

A noticeable difference that makes the Kiloflex power rack stand out from the competition is it comes with a regular pull up bar as well as a multi grip bar.  This option allows for variations to your upper body workouts. 


  • 48" x 49" footprint
  • Height 92"
  • Black powder coat finish 
  • 3x3” 11-gauge steel uprights
  • 2x3” 11-gauge steel base
  • UHMW plastic lined J hooks
  • 5/8 pin and safety pipe
  • 2" hole spacing squat height
  • 1" hole spacing bench height 
  • Multi-grip bar
  • Adjustable pull up bar 1.25"

*All accessories sold separately

Shipping Info:

1 of 5: Dimensions: 92x8x4 Weight: 68lbs

2 of 5: Dimensions: 92x8x4 Weight: 68lbs

3 of 5: Dimensions: 50x11x6 Weight: 52lbs

4 of 5: Dimensions: 45x19x7 Weight: 55lbs

5 of 5: Dimensions: 50x21x4 Weight: 93lbs

Total shipping weight: 336lbs



*SAFETY ALERT- band pegs should only be used if rack is bolted to ground