Multi Purpose Storage Rack

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The Kiloflex multi purpose powder coated rack is the ideal storage solution for your home gym.  Built on a 2x3 base, it is designed to hold 2 barbells, allows your bumper plates to be stored on the side, allowing for easy access.  Extensions on the side provides additional storage for change plates and collars.  The top tier has an extended lip that prevents equipment from rolling off - great for storing an assortment of workout equipment.  The chalk bowl on the side is a slick accessory to reduce the chalk dust all over your space.


  • Length 58"
  • Width 26"
  • Height 42" (up to chalk bowl)

Shipping Info:

1 of 2: Dimensions: 19x12x12 Weight: 5lbs

2 of 2: Dimensions: 51x26x5 Weight: 90lbs

Total shipping weight: 95lbs