Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar - SRP1500

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The Kiloflex SRP1500 squat rack with pull up bar is designed for home or commercial gym use.  Constructed from 2x3 and 2x2 11 gauge steel, this rack can easily handle heavy lifts.  This squat rack comes standard with UHMW line safety spotter arms, allowing the athlete comfort in safety when working out alone.  Each upright stands 94” tall with a base of 48" by 48".  The uprights have lasered holes to allow easy adjustment of the pull up bar, customizing it for the athlete. The new, redesigned heavy duty J cups come standard with UHMW liners to protect the knurling on barbells. Each squat rack comes standard with rubber feet allowing for effortless leveling on most surfaces. 


  • 48x48" footprint with a 2x2" and 2x3" 11-gauge steel base
  • Height 94" with 2x3" 11 gauge steel uprights
  • Black, powder coat finish
  • UHMW plastic lined J cups 
  • 5/8" pin hole
  • 2" hole spacing squat height
  • 1" hole spacing bench height 
  • Adjustable pull up bar 
  • Spotter arms UHMW line

Shipping Info:

1 of 4: Dimensions: 50x10x8 Weight: 53lbs

2 of 4: Dimensions: 94x6x6 Weight: 60lbs

3 of 4: Dimensions: 12x10x8 Weight: 23lbs

4 of 4: Dimensions: 20x10x6 Weight: 17lbs

Total shipping weight: 153lbs


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