Competition Bumper Plates 20KG (Pair)

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The newly redesigned Kiloflex competition plates are engineered to meet IWF standards and guarantee tolerances within 10 grams of claimed weight. A narrower plate width and strengthened core also allows athletes to load more weight on a barbell while maintaining construction properties that will ensure these plates are the longest lasting competition bumpers on the market.


  • Zinc coated disc insert
  • Collar opening 50.5mm
  • Weight tolerance +/- 10grams of claimed weight
  • Diameter 450mm IWF standard 
  • Shore durometer 90ShA

Product Measurements:

  • 10KG Green - 30mm width 
  • 15KG Yellow - 40mm width 
  • 20KG Blue - 51mm width 
  • 25KG Red - 57mm width