ELITE CHANGE PLATES (sold in pairs) 5.0KG

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Kiloflex ELITE Change Plates push the boundaries of performance and incorporate a design that it is highly functional and will withstand all training environments.  Constructed from 100% virgin rubber, Kiloflex ELITE Change Plates are calibrated within grams of stated weight tolerance and come in six standard kilogram sizes.  Kiloflex ELITE Change Plates are built to accompany all Kiloflex bumper and competition plates.


  • 50.4mm collar opening
  • Solid virgin rubber. No metal insert
  • Accurate to within 1% stated weight
  • No peeling or chipping

Product Dimensions:

  • 0.5Kg - 27mm width/135mm outer diameter
  • 1.0KG - 10mm width/ 190mm outer diameter 
  • 1.5KG - 26mm width / 210mm outer diameter
  • 2.0KG - 26mm width/ 235mm outer diameter 
  • 2.5KG - 26mm width/ 260mm outer diameter 
  • 5.0KG - 26 width / 260mm outer diameter