Dip Bar - Series 1500

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The heavy duty 1500 series dip bar can be easily mounted to any 2x3 steel upright with a 5/8 hole diameters. It is designed to be side mounted to the  Kiloflex SRP1500 and PR1500 racks. It is a black powder coated for a smooth finish, comes standard with 1 7/8" handles and a quick release detent pin which makes it easy to mount or remove.  

Dips are a great way to strengthen the upper body, focusing on shoulders and triceps. 


Weight: 25lbs

Length: 26"

Width: 25"

Height: 10"

Hole Size: 5/8"

Handle Diameter: 1 7/8"

Distance between handler center to center range: 17" to 23 1/2"

Construction: 3x3, 2x3, black powder coating

Quick Release Detent pin 

*Must be mounted towards the center of the SRP1500 and PR1500 rack 

**Not compatible with the SR1500 squat rack

Shipping info:

1 of 1 Dimensions: 29x29x11 Weight: 27lbs