Foam Plyo Box - Stackable

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The Kiloflex stackable plyo box is perfect addition to any condition training.  The foam provides the security for any new athlete to build their confidence with box jumps without fear of injury.  The various height options allows the experienced athlete to increase their vertical jumps.  The Kiloflex box has a wider base than most other products on the market to decrease the risk of tipping and we added handles to each box to allow for easier transport.  


  • Heights available: 6" (15cm), 12" (30cm), 20"(51cm), 24 (61cm)
  • Base: 35.5x30" 
  • Constructed from high density foam 
  • Heavy duty vinyl cover
  • Velcro flaps allow for secure stacking of boxes 
  • Handles on the sides for easy transporting 
  • Inches & centimeters visibly marked on each box

**Warning- stackable foam boxes should not be used on smooth surfaces as injury may occur 

Shipping Info

  • Box 1 6"       32x37x7   Weight 17lbs
  • Box 2 12"     32x37x13   Weight 22lbs
  • Box 3 20"     32x37x21 Weight 39lbs
  • Box 4 24"     32x37x25 Weight 44lbs
  • Box 5 (Complete Set)    Weight 122lbs