GHD- Glute Ham Developer

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The Kiloflex heavy duty GHD2500 has been engineered to fully adjustable and maintain balance & stability  during workouts.  GHD is a great product for performing exercises such as sit-ups and back extensions to develop core, back and hip flexor strength. It has been shown to be effective in improving posture strength as well stability. 


  • Constructed on a 2x3 welded and bolted together frame
  • Foam roller foot pads
  • Non-slip textured vinyl seat
  • Linear bearing adjustable increments on the foot pad
  • Red wheels for quick transport and easy storage
  • Rubber feet for easy leveling on any surfaces
  • Oversize foot plate
  • 2 pegs to add extra resistance
  • Footprint - Length 70”, Width 35 1/2”, Height 43”
  • Weight: 160lbs

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