Loadable Dumbbells - 15lb

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Loadable Kiloflex dumbbells are a great option when space is a premium.  Our loadable dumbbells are made to the same high standards as our barbells on a smaller scale, only 22" long.  It comes with 28mm black zinc heavy knurling shaft to prevent it from sliding in your hand while working out.  Chrome sleeves and bronze bushing allows for a smooth rotation.  It is designed so an athlete can go from 15lb to 135lb per barbell by adding 2.5, 5 or 10lb standard 50mm cast iron plates. 


  • Sold individually (not in a pair)
  • Length 22"
  • Sleeve length 7 3/8"
  • Handle length 6"
  • Weight 15lb
  • 50mm hard chrome sleeves
  • 28mm handle with black zinc coating 
  • Bronze bushing snap ring design 
  • Load capacity - 120lb (cast iron plates, sold separately) 

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