Spotter Arms 2500 Series

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Kiloflex 2500 series UHMW spotter arm allow for an additional layer of safety when strength training alone.  The arms are ideal for weighted squats, bench press and many other lifts. The UHMW lined spotter arms protects the knurling on the barbell. 


  • Sold in pairs
  • 3"x3" 11-gauge steel tubing 
  • Compatible with 3"x3" steel upright with 5/8" hole diameter
  • Quick release detent pin
  • UHMW plastic liners
  • Length 24"
  • Dimensions 14"x28x3"
  • Tested up to 500lb

*Designed to be used only on the SR2500, SRP2500, PR2500, FR2500 and HR2500

**PR2500 spotter arms must be used inside of the cage

***Spotter arms are only recommended on the FR2500 if a contractor verifies it is installed correctly to handle the stress load.