Wall Mounted Folding Rack - FR2500

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The Kiloflex FR2500 3x3” 11-gauge steel wall mounted folding rack is built with the highest quality and craftmanship to produce a strong product. Folding rack is a great option when space is limited, only takes up 6 ½” of space from the wall when folded up. The J hooks have been carefully designed to be reinforced providing a strong support when weight is loaded. Great piece of equipment for doing squats, pull ups and bench press.

*spotter arms are only recommended if a contractor verifies it is installed correctly to handle the stress load.

*Stringer and wall mounting hardware not included 


Height: 92”

Width: 49”

Inside Depth Options: 21.5” or 41.5"

Weight: 21.5” 173lbs, 41.5” 215lbs

Quick attached adjustable pull up bar 1.25”

Black powder coat finish

3x3” 11-gauge steel tube construction

UHMW plastic lined J hooks

5/8” holes

2” hole spacing squat height

1” hole spacing bench height

Distance from wall 6 ½” while folded

Rubber feet to protect floor and prevent upright slipping.

Shipping info: 21.5

Box 1 of 3 9x3x94 68lbs

Box 2 of 3 17x4x51 70lbs

Box 3 of 3 14x7x20 35lbs

Shipping Info: 41.5

Box 1 of 3 9x3x94 68lbs

Box 2 of 3 17x4x51 70lbs

Box 3 of 3 11x14x42 77lbs